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Roman Musheghyan


A director of a number of Armenian and Russian films


“Sit down, Please”, “Portrait from an Old Family Album”, “The Retinue was going to Hell”, “Trap 1”,
“Trap 2”, “Beyond the Line”, “Murder for 100 Million Dollars”, “Retribution”, “Deliverance”, “Hotel”,
“The Valley of the Dead”, “Film in the Paradise”.

Harutyun Ghukasyan


A screenwriter of a number of Armenian and Russian films


“In the Family of Vervarats (1, 2, 3)”, “Trap (1, 2)”, “The Successful One”, “Full Moon”, “The Abyss”-
NTV (Russia), “The New Year Stir” - The first channel (Russia), “Secret”, “The American History”,
“Offside”, “Ransom”, “There is no Way Out”,  “Friends of the Friends 2” - Enjoy movies (Russia),
“Trap” - Central Partnership (Russia), “Mustang”, “The Valley of the Dead”, “Virtuoso”, “Capgras
Delusion”, “The Heir”, “The Face of Another”.

Hunan Soghoyan



1994-2000 - Production Department Producer at the TV Company “Shant”
From 2000 up now – Head of the Production Department at the TV Company “Shant”


“Vervaratsner”, “Trap”, “In the Army”, “The Successful One”, “The Inheritors”, “Full Moon”,
“Jemik”, “Secrets of Eden”, “The Stranger”, “Maestro”, In the City”, “Broken Hearts”,
“Shadows of Past”, “The Love Captive”.